By Me, Alicia

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    "You rock in ways words can't describe."

    Shoshana F.


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    "Thank you so much for putting together this great website."

    Jeremy W.


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    "The feel is 'just right.'"

    Evan O.


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    "Thank you so much; I absolutely love it and am so excited!"

    Zoë B.


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    "F*ck, you are awesome!"

    Jeremy W.


What I Do

Web Design

  • Research and disscovery
  • Creative direction
  • Brand identity
  • Wireframes and mockups

Product Management

  • Advocate for the user
  • Problem-solving and workflow management
  • Feature design and scoping
  • Scrum methodology
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Front-End Development

  • WordPress development with Advanced Custom Fields
  • HTML, Sass, PHP, Git
  • JavaScript and jQuery libraries
  • Google PageSpeed optimization


I'm accepting inquiries for new, freelance front-end development projects, preferably those that are team-based.

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I’m available for a full-time, remote position as Product Manager or Front-End Developer on a web/SaaS applications team.

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I've been designing and developing websites since I was a kid, and freelancing professionally since 2010.

I craft custom-designed and hand-coded websites. I research, ask a lot of questions, plan, and strategize. When I create a website, I care about two things above all: that the user has a great experience and that my client can maintain the site on their own after my work is done. I’ve focused on working with smaller businesses because I love to see the huge impact good web design makes.

I’m inspired by the web applications that power my freelance practice behind the scenes. With my energy and passion as a product manager, I love bringing new features to fruition and prioritizing work through the product lifecycle. With my creative and technical background, I effectively bridge the gap between business, design, and development.

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